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Lots of buzz on CCME vs VISN … Worried?

3/3 Kunal00 Buys & Sells

   As I had stated earlier  i was going to 75-80% cash this morning on gap up  as I a pullback was nearly certain and I was sitting on a mountain top of profits that would make ur local twitter […]

MOMO Stocks 3/3/2010

30 stocks with some serious MOMO behind them.

3/3 Short Term Scalp/Trade Setups

7 new stocks on my watch list for Wednesday.

Possible Breakout Setups For 3/2

Here is a quick list of stocks you might want to watch for possible breakouts tomorrow that are hitting against resistance.

UrbanRyno Portfolio Update 3/1

Hello, bulls. Here is the latest update from my short term trading account

Portfolio Update

I’m going to try and keep up with my high volume adrenaline trades here in a daily scorecard.. Let’s see if this works.

Technical Setups – Descending Triangle…. careful

I’ve seen a few of my fell B.O.W.S. members get burned on stock positions that broke south out of descending triangles. Let’s take a look at the pattern, shall we?

Money Quotes from Syntroleum

The Syntroleum 10-K is out…

A Note On HLCS

thoughts on recent trading on HLCS

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