2/29 hot stocks

Ding, Ding.. over $3000 dollars in 3 days in the bulls room. Today we banked $1031 in gains. One of our specialties in the bulls room is trading earnings breakouts and breakdowns.. we make alot of money on this strategy. Today we hit winners in $jcp $ifmi, $bdbd, $prkr $unxl etc. Take a look at the trades below. Specific trade reviews are posted for bulls members! If you are struggling trading and looking for actionable ideas.. come join us in the bulls room. All trades are alerted live via video chat with position size, entry and exit points.

Also don’t miss out on our upcoming bootcamp.. its better than ever this go around! Learn to take your trading to the next level and make this your job! Bootcamp starts up soon and I promise you will be happy you signed up. Our risk management strategies alone can help turn your trading profitable. Email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com for more info.

Bulls subs: here is a link to my webinar monday

Notable after hours earnings movers: ALSK +16.9%, DECK +9.1%, CRM+ 4%, YOKU -14.2%, RNDY -4.7%, CTIC -1.9%

BIOL- breakout watch

HIMX- breakout watch

STEI- breakout watch

GV- flagging, breakout watch

EFII- basing for breakout

VIPS- flagging for breakout

FSM- potential short watch


TEAR- breakout watch


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