Watch List 03/11/2013

Great week in Bulls chat room with $3113  gains for the week.If you are interested in trading these setups with us and learn trading, live in a chat room with a super team of traders, please  email for info. Don’t forget ,Bulls trading boot camp  starting  SUNDAY. New feature, I will share my explosive money making day trading strategies that will show you how to capture quick gains with low risk and be ahead of the crowd.










ACM 31.50 breakout watch.










ADNC 13.90 range break watch.










ALNY  25.80  breakout watch.










ANIK Continuation watch over 14.13 for scalp.










GA 6.60 breakout watch.










HGG 10.45 breakout watch.










MDRX 12.95 breakout watch.










PBH 24.80 breakout watch.










SGMO Bouncing 20 MA and support. Continuation watch over  9.75.










VRTU 22.65 breakout watch.










ZOLT Continuation watch over 11.70.










ZTS Watch for IPO break out 34.89. Printing bullish cup &handle pattern.




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