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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 12.12.2019

Another roller coaster day in the market as SPY in a box so far. Buy the dip and sell the rip range bound action. Short term market is oversold, so it might churn a bit before making a move down.  […]

Gambling: 7 Deadly Trading Sins Day 2

In many ways trading is just like gambling. The stock market is random by nature. But winning traders know how to find a niche in the market and make the probabilities work in their favor. Losing traders are playing the […]

Revenge Trading: 7 Deadly Trading Sins Day 1

Revenge trading is the easiest way to turn  a nice green day into a red one. It is one of the biggest issues we see for new traders. In order to become a profitable trader, you have to learn to […]

The 7 Deadly Trading Sins Series

Want to know the secret to becoming a great trader? It is NOT some get rich quick scheme or trying to find the next small cap stock that will go up 1000%. It is overcoming your psychology and mastering the […]

Trading Watch List 12.10.2018

Bearish action continues in the market. SPY back to bottom of the range with 260 now major support.Poor price action in many stocks and indices suggest that it might breakdown support soon until then, range bound. Keeping an open mind […]

Trading Watch List 12.06.2018

So much for healthy basing out action. Market plummeted hard! Many blaming this to algorithm driven sell on stocks and buying strong bonds. Regardless of the reason , price ultimately pays. SPY back to middle of the range. if 270 […]

Trading Watch List 12.03.2018

Market holding up so far ahead news about China tariff resolution possibility. Expecting some volatility Monday if there is any news .If there is any  decent news, this market should grind higher. It will interesting to see how market reacts is […]

Why Right Now Is the Best Time in History To Learn Trading

Trading has evolved a lot the last several decades. One of the biggest changes since the turn of the millennia was the accessibility of the stock market for retail traders.  Today almost anyone can open a trading account. We have […]

Trading Watch List 11.30.2018

Some profit taking in SPY at resistance/congestion zone. So far bounce has been easy from double bottom low. Now things gets little more complicated. Many stocks are hitting resistance area. Coming weeks will tell us if this was just a […]

4 Short Selling Strategies To Use In A Bear Market

We have started to see some major distribution in the stock market the past couple months. There are several major signs signaling that a bear market is coming next year. Knowing proven short selling strategies will be imperative for profitable […]

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