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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 02.21.2019

SPY  grinding below 280 resistance zone. Here is my stock trading watch list for 2/21: Market is overbought , a pull back and consolidation will be ideal to bring in some energy on many individual stocks. But so far we […]

The Correct Way to Lose Money Trading

Most of us were conditioned in our upbringing to associate failure with punishment and fear. Your teacher reprimanded you for doing poorly on a test. Our parents yelled at us for getting bad grades in school. Sports coaches fumed when […]

The Real Reason Why 95% of Traders Blow Up Their Accounts

Most people on the internet selling trading services give you the impression that trading is easy. You wake up, you buy some stocks, you sell them after 5 minutes for 100% gains. Then you go travel to Turks and Caicos […]

Vega Definition: Ultimate Guide for Learning to Trade Options

Last definition over the series! We are back on the Greeks! Yesterday you learned about implied volatility and why you need to understand the concept for buying and selling contracts. Today’s topic is another topic that is directly related to […]

Implied Volatility Definition: Ultimate Guide for Learning to Trade Options

Finally giving you guys a break from the Greek terms! In yesterday’s article we discussed Theta, a crucial concept to understanding how to trade profitably. Today we will discuss another critical concept in option contract pricing: Implied Volatility (IV). What […]

Trading Watch List 02.19.2018

SPY on the move again after 200 MA remount.Next resistance 280/281 area. Here is my stock trading watch list for 2/19: Watch list ideas continues to do well with stocks like LABU,ROKU,CRBP, GH,PYX etc. If you’re unsure of trading strategies,struggling […]

Theta Definition: Ultimate Guide for Learning to Trade Options

More greek terms coming at you! After understanding learning what gamma was in yesterday’s article, today we are going to discuss another critical Greek term in options trading: Theta. What is Theta? Theta is essentially time decay of an options […]

Gamma Definition: Ultimate Guide for Learning to Trade Options

There is a lot of confusing greek terminology in options trading. Hope that yesterday’s article about Delta cleared about some confusion, but we’ve got more coming! Let’s talk about gamma, and what you need to understand about it to trade […]

Trading Watch List 02.15.2019

SPY digesting the move around 200 MA. Perfectly normal as long no violent move down. Here is my trading watch list for 2/15: Regardless of range in indices, some serious moves in individual stocks, breakouts, continuation moves, speculative run all […]

Delta Definition: Ultimate Guide for Learning to Trade Options

Hope that yesterday’s article about expiration dates in options contracts cleared up some confusion people were having. Today we are going to talk about a crucial term and concept in options trading: Delta. What is Delta? We discussed in the […]

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