Which Package is Right For Me?

Our Bulls Vision service is designed to take new traders from A-Z on everything they need to know about becoming a day trader. This service is designed for individuals who either trade full-time currently, or are looking for day trading to become their full-time profession. Our Swing Trader service is meant for traders who can’t commit to watching the markets everyday and want to hold longer-term trades. Most people who choose our swing trading service trade as a part-time profession, and have another full-time job or business they run.

Who Is This Service For?

This service is for new traders who want to learn how to trade stocks, while watching our live-stream and market updates, or for experienced traders to join a room of well respected and full-time traders who live and breath the market day in and day out. Whatever day trading style you possess, we have a trader that you can buddy up or learn from.

Do You Offer Any Refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds on our products. However, when you join the Bulls on Wall Street community, you get instant access to tons of invaluable resources that will help you become a better trader. Because of this, we do not offer refunds on our packages, however, you can cancel at any time and no future payments will be made. We want our members to stick around for the long run, so if you have any questions before signing up, feel free to reach out.

Do You Offer Alerts?

No, we provide trading ideas in real-time to show you how we apply our trading education & setups towards our live trades. You also watch us trade live on screenshare where you can see our charts, scanner, and stocks we are actively trading. We are transparent in our trading and provide our exits and entries for our trades, along with a synopsis of why we entered the trade, and why is went for or against us.

Is This Taught Live?

All market recaps and mentorship sessions are live webinars. Our Bulls Vision room has live screenshare of our trading screens of the week during market hours. Our pre-market watch-list sessions are also taught live.

Who Teaches This?

Veteran traders Kunal Desai and Paul Singh. There will be guest webinars from our successful students as well.

What Is Tc2000? And Is It Hard To Use?

Tc2000 is one of the best charting and trading platforms in the market. It is easy to use, and we have numerous tutorials showing you all its features and how to use them.  

How Do I Get The Layouts And Scans?

Upon signing up, you can access your Tc scans & layouts on your account page.

Does Tc2000 Work On Mac or PC?

Tc2000 works on all platforms. They also have a mobile app that works amazing and carries over your layouts from your desktop as well. 

Are There Any Contracts?

Month to month contract, or annual.

Do You Offer Discounts?
Our discounts are for our annual packages as we want to reward our loyal members.

What’s The Difference Between Monthly and Annual?

Annual you get everything in the monthly package at a discount, plus a ticket to one of our live events, and a personal account manager for your trading education throughout the process of your learning curve as a trader.

What Form of Payments Do You Accept?

Paypal, and all major credit cards.

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