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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Learn LIVE from experienced traders the skills and knowledge to become a winning trader. Stop guessing your way through the market and start trading!


Live Trading Courses

Learn LIVE via webinars everything from stock market fundamentals to proprietary trade setups. Our course is designed to be interactive and connect you personally to our top traders.

Live Trading Courses

Kunal Desai - Trading Courses

Live Day Trade Platform

Watch live as our lead day trader, Kunal Desai, navigates the stock market from his perspective. Join in the action with live trade alerts, chatroom, watch lists, and more!

Bulls Vision™ Day Trade Platform  

Part Time Trade Alerts

Swing Trade Alerts are great for part-time/swing traders who want winning trade alerts sent right to their inboxes or phone.

Sit back and let our swing trading guru Paul Singh find the best stocks to trade!

Swing Trade Alerts Features:
  • 2-5 Weekly Stock Picks
  • Daily Watch List Videos
  • Weekly Market Analysis
  • Email and Text Alerts

Swing Trade Alerts

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Shorting Stocks at Resistance Levels

How to Trade Stocks Reacting to News

Want to learn these techiques? Check out our Trading Courses and learn directly from Kunal Desai!

45% Off Our Trading Bootcamp (This Weekend Only)

We’ve talked about in the past. You cannot learn to trade stocks from DVD’s alone. For a career as difficult as trading, you need mentorship and on-going support in order to find success. Trading DVD’s are good to develop baseline […]


How to Survive and Thrive During Summer Trading

Summer trading for the stock market can be a dangerous time for traders. It is a period where it is common for opportunities in the stock market tend to dry up. Liquidity significantly diminishes as most of the market participants […]


Trading Watch List 05.24.2019

SPY , after multiple rejection at 50 MA, broke down out of the wedge pattern but manged to hold the support for now. Short term line in the sand . If this goes 200 MA comes into the pilay. Given […]


Should You Trade IPO Stocks on Day 1?

This year we have had a resurgence of IPOs (Initial public offerings), with several high profile companies going public this year. The questions about IPO stocks have been overwhelming in the past few weeks. One of the most common questions […]


5 Methods for Overcoming Trading Anxiety

It’s no secret that trading can be a stressful profession. A game that involves your ego, money and a lot of uncertainty will inevitably lead to anxiety. But there are several simple techniques and changes that can SIGNIFICANTLY lower stress […]

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Recent Watchlists

Trading Watch List 05.22.2019
SPY range holding so far as buy dips and sell rips trades working well. SPY back in the middle of range with tons of overhead resistance. Needs to remount 50 MA followed buy 20 MA. Here is my stock trading […]

Trading Watch List 05.20.2019
SPY rejected at the resistance and back to middle of the range. Range bound action so far, buy support, sell resistance, China news, tweet , alogo’s  will determine market direction in coming days. Although action in small caps, IWM remain […]

Trading Watch List 05.16.2019
Back and forth volatile action continues in the market. SPY tagged 50 MA resistance. Needs to hold today’s gain and remount 50 MA for bull’s confidence. Again even with volatility, if you are an active trader plenty actionable trading opportunities. […]

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