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Shorting Stocks at Resistance Levels

How to Trade Stocks Reacting to News

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How to Combat and Conquer FOMO Trading

After working with 1000’s of aspiring traders over the past decade, I’ve learned that FOMO trading (fear of missing out) is the leading cause of poor trading and investment decisions. It is such a powerful emotion that causes us to […]


Live Trading Workshop: Defeating FOMO & Building Mental Toughness

Trading stocks is primarily a mental game. You are your own worst enemy. The stock market is just a mechanism for displaying information. There are thousands of trading strategies that work. But why do so many people fail at this […]


3 Day Trading Setups I Use Every Day

The stock market can seem random and chaotic. In order to consistently profit from trading stocks, you must use strategies that have an edge. Many traders fail because they trade strategies that don’t have positive expectancy. This means that in […]


How To Take Profits In A Breakout Stock At All-Time Highs

Today I’m going to show you how to take profits when the momentum stock you are trading is at all-time highs. This is a surprisingly difficult spot to be in. Don’t get me wrong, you want to be in this […]


How to Trade Short Squeezes: BYND Example

What is a Short Squeeze? A short squeeze is simply an increase in a stock’s share price because of short covering. When you short-sell a stock, you borrow shares from your broker and then look to buy/cover them at a […]


Trading Watch List 06.10.2019

Bull run continues after SPY 50 MA remount. News of Mexico  tariff resolution over the weekend as SPY approaching 289.20/290 resistance area . Potential for ” Sell the news” reaction for some profit taking. Watch list names continues to do […]

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Trading Watch List 06.26.2019
SPY broke short term trend and closed below 8 day EMA. Not surprising given how our “go to” momentum names like ROKU, ZM, CRWD, RVLV,SHOP,TWLO  started cracking on Monday and caught a trend down follow through Tuesday. SPY 290 next […]

Trading Watch List 06.24.2019
Inside day for market after SPY hit all time high on Thursday. Good old “V” shame run for the market . Friday was big  option expiration day so price action on big names were mostly option related. Market can pause […]

Trading Watch List 06.19.2019
Decent rally in the market after SPY broke out of flag base that we have been writing about. FOMC interest rate decision tomorrow at 2 PM. Market priced in a rate cut. It will be interesting to see how the […]

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