Nice day for the markets.. finally broke those all time highs with gusto. This market is relentless. Bulls crew banked $597 in gains today thanks to trades in 4xin $himx $acur $zolt $mbi$ If you are struggling trading and looking for actionable ideas.. come join us in the bulls room. All trades are alerted live via video chat with position size, entry and exit points.

Also don’t miss out on our upcoming bootcamp.. its better than ever this go around! Learn to take your trading to the next level and make this your job! Bootcamp starts up soon and I promise you will be happy you signed up. Email me for more info.

$yy- bull flag

$xin- bounce off support

$kerx- breakout watch.. consolidating

ATVI- bull flagging

TA- breakout watch

CERS- rubberband stock- watching for weakness

MGM- bear flag- weak in strong market






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