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About Our Day Trading Chatroom

Our day trading chatroom is an innovative Trade Alert Platform that connects you directly to Kunal Desai and our other top traders. Follow us as we navigate the market, call out trades, share ideas, and give market reactions.

Actionable Trade Ideas

Get actionable day trading ideas from experienced traders. Never miss out on a big mover.

Live Video & Audio

Listen daily as Kunal Desai calls out trades, comments on the market, and talks about the stocks he's watching.

Trader Screenshare

Watch an experienced trader's every move in real-time, as he shares his trading screen with you. You'll see it all!

Community Chatroom

Join a vibrant community of active traders who freely share ideas, charts, and encouragement throughout the day.

Daily Market Recaps

Improve your trading skills as you learn from Kunal's detailed market analysis that he produces every day.

Market Pulse

Get up to the minute understanding of big movers and upcoming news. while seeing how other traders view the market.

Premium Discord Channels Access

Here is the thing… A lot of other chatrooms on the internet are just pure garbage. They are full of unmoderated advice, pump-and-dump schemes, and pure bad education.

Our chatroom has been running for 15+ years successfully for a reason. Everything inside of the room is informative and will help you gain clarity on the markets and also learn what you need to do every single day to get to the next level. There is no spamming and no fluff. Just pure actionable value every single day.


Watch Kunal trade our strategies in real-time, everyday of the week. See his charts, trading boxes, and scans all in one easy to read layout.

This is exactly like having a veteran trader right in front of you every single day, and are able to stare over their shoulder and ask any questions that you have in real time.

Daily Trading Watch-Lists

Get our nightly watch-list of names everyday of the week. + Get our pre-market analysis and focus list for before the market opens. Learn why and what stocks we have on our radar for each day of the week so you can reverse engineer in developing your own unique trading watch-list

Trusted By Traders Around The World.

No better guy to hang and trade with. Knowledge is superior and level of teaching is that of Mr. Miyagi, true master of his craft and professional in every manner….

"Kunal is the Big Boss of Traders"

I have been a member now for over 10 years. The skills I have learned are top notch and if you put in the work you can trade on your own terms and around your lifestyle….ย 

"I have been a mmber for over 10 years"

I have been with BOWS since 2018, & Kunal is one of the most dedicated individuals you will find in the trading community. He never misses a trading day even when he travels. …

"Kunal never misses a trading day"

Are You Ready To Level-Up Your Trading?

We all had similar situations starting out, but we have solutions for you.

I Don't Know Where To Start My Career ๐Ÿ˜”

Want to start day trading stocks, but don't know how?

I Cannot Find Consistent Trading Results ๐Ÿ˜”

Tired of making money, and then giving it all back?

I Cannot Find Good Stocks To Trade ๐Ÿ˜”

Can't find any good setups to trade every single day?

You Need A Strong Community ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Our trading community is full of traders who are ready to get to the next level every day.

You Need A Great Strategy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Our day trading chatroom will help you fine tune your strategy in real time and help you develop the skills to be consistent.

You Need Solid Gameplans ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Everyday we provide detailed watchlists and gameplans of the top opportunities of the day for any account size.

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Our live trading Bootcamp is setup to allow you to both participate in the live classes, but also refine your trading skills by utilizing our on-demand learning modules and within our elite community. The thing that separates our Bootcamp is that you will have on-demand materials AND will also be able to continuously ask questions directly to our instructors inside of our live classes. You will also be able to connect with hundreds of other elite traders inside of our community.

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