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SHT Options Course Syllabus


  •  What are option contracts
  •  Definition of calls and puts
  • What’s a strike price, and how do you pick the right one
  •  What’s a expiration date and how can if effect your trade
  • How to Read an Option Chain
  •  In the money vs out of the money strike pricing
  •  Premium decay with time


  • How to roll profits
  •  How to hedge equity portfolio with options insurance
  • Benefits of trading options
  • Equity risks of trading options
  • How to approach the market
  • How to remove emotion and anxiety from trading


  • 5 Day Trading strategies
  • Utilizing fibs
  • Day Trading 30 min ORB
  • Using select moving averages to day and swing
  • SHT Trader Mindset and Psychology


  • SHT Indicator Walkthrough
  • Trades Using SHT Indicators
  • How To Install The SHT Indicator
  • What’s a expiration date and how can if effect your trade
  • How to Read an Option Chain
  • In the money vs out of the money strike pricing
  • Premium decay with time
  • How to roll profits
  • How to hedge equity portfolio with options insurance

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Meet Your Options Trading Mentor

Levi is a 35 year old day trader, living life on the ranch with his wife and kids. He is an avid outdoorsman with a passion for the mountains and markets. He has been trading stocks and options for 11 years starting first with Kunal and Bulls on Wall Street. He approaches the markets with a tactical mindset and strategy that appeals to new and advanced traders alike.

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