Another profitable day in the chat room as we keep on playing stocks in play. Whether its up or down Market, there are always stocks on the move.Key is to find the right stocks and right trading strategy.If you are struggling and learn to trade ,Bulls trading boot camp#6 starting in March. New feature, I will share my explosive money making day trading strategies that will show you how to capture quick gains with low risk and be ahead of the crowd. . Email me for more info.










BLOX Looking for a bounce soon.










CLDX 9.70 breakout watch. Earning on 3/7.










CUTR 13.5 breakout watch.










FVE Old  6.49 breakout watch.










HIMX Old 3.11 alert triggered today. Now watching for break out over 3.25.







MDRX 12.94 alert whenever it decides to go.










MEIP Bio. name 7.65 range break watch.Like the bullish volume pattern.










NVGN Bounce watch for a quick trade, may be red to green type move.










RKUS Watching for a quick trade on a good setup.










XOMA Bio. name. Watching over 2.73 for movement.










ZOLT 9.60 long base breakout watch.




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