Monday Night Study Session Recording 2/27/2013

Here is the recording to last week’s study session by @mb_willoughby.  It was a great class; we had nearly full participation from subscribers, with a lot of our new subs getting their hands dirty and asking some great questions! Keep it up and make sure to use this site and all its tools to really expand your education.  Trading is not an easy game – very few people succeed in it unless they attack it like its a job and treat it like the profession it is.  The students of ours that have had great success are the hardest workers. They have watched the hundreds of videos on our site 5-6x each, attend each webinar,  re-watch the recordings, participate in chat , email us weekly with questions.  This is what you need to do if you want to live the life of your dreams!




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    • kristin its not because your risk managment will suffer. Imagine if you buy 2k shares of everything. But on one stock you have a 50 cent stop loss and another stock you have a 5 cent stop loss but you keep buying 2k. So essentially on 1 position you have a 1000 risk where the other you have 100 dollar risk!


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