3/13 hot stocks

Slight pullback in the markets today.. We are only getting tiny glimpses of red lately. The bulls are still very much so in control. The window to catch your trades today was pretty small in the morning but we capitalized on that in the bulls room and came out with $1250 in gains. Our stragey at bulls on wallstreet is to help people with smaller accounts make consistent profits week in and week out. As you can see we keep our losses small and minimize our risk by making sure we take a manageable position size on each trade. Small gains add up to big weeks!

If you are interested in trying out the room feel free to email me at mb.willoughby@gmail.com.

Also don’t miss out on our upcoming bootcamp.. its better than ever this go around! Learn to take your trading to the next level and make this your job! Bootcamp starts up Sunday and I promise you will be happy you signed up.

A few stocks I am watching for tomorrow:

JOEZ- breakout watch

GA- breakout watch

RJET- strong today, breakout watch

SEAC- breakout watch

UPIP- breakout watch

CROX- breakout watch

MCHP- bull flag- breakout over 37.2




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