CPSS, NLS,GNW, INXN,ENOC.NKTR,ZOLT, YY, some decent movers from recent watch list. Another great trading day in Bulls chat room with $732 in gains. Nice four day run in the Market, few side way days will set some decent chart again for break out trades.

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ACM Back in the watch list for 31.50 breakout.










CHTP Over 1.79 for movement with volume.










INAP Watching 9 area for movement.










ITG 12.50  breakout watch.










MNOV  Spec. bio. name. Over 3.10 for movement with volume.










NUGT Miner ETF trying to bounce. Watch for continuation. MUX, SAND, CDE ,EXK some other names in the sector.










NVGN Bio. name, holding  50 MA so far. Watching for movement.










PLG One of the stronger  metal name. Watching for movement.










PLG One of the stronger  metal name. Watching for movement.










VCLK  Coiling up. Watching 27.55 area.






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