CRAY, RJET,PIKE,TRLG few runners from last nights watch list.Don’t forget ,Bulls trading boot camp  starting coming SUNDAY. New feature, I will share my explosive money making day trading strategies that will show you how to capture quick gains with low risk and be ahead of the crowd. . Email me for more info.










ACW Over 4.13, might try 200 MA and more.










CPSS I traded this today from 8.35. Watching it back over  8.60 area.Good volume today.










GNW Hot sector,Watching over 9.22 with 9.48 resistance. Good volume today.










INXN Breakout watch over 25.04.










ITG 12.50 breakout watch.










NKTR  Bio. name .9.57 breakout watch.










NLS Over 6 for 6.20 breakout.










OPK Bio.  name .Watching over 7.20 for a breakout.










SKX Watching 21.16 area.










VCLK Watching back over 27 for 27.55 breakout.










GWRE Over 36.85 for movement.










ZOLT Over 9.33 for 9.60 breakout.Like the volume today.





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