Boom Boom Stocks

Grinder day in the markets.  Not much going on in the indexes.  Every dip is getting bought and as is typical of bull markets weak days tend to get a strong push into the close. We are overbought but we have been…we are extended but we have been.  Right now im taking the focus off the overall market and just focusing on individual stocks as they are still firing off even when the market is dipping. Spec money is flowing everywhere and traders are pushing any stock they can find near a bottom. The shit carnival is in full effect.  Low floats, bottom plays, earnings plays are the hot movers right now and where my focus is.



We have our 7th Trading Bootcamp Starting March 17th this Sunday!  This is a 3 month program designed to take you from Steps A to Z of our strategy.  We have a total of 28 classes and then 1 month on a live trading simulator to fine tune what we learned in class.


Here is todays video: Didnt really find any A+ setups not really even any A- setups will need to run some morning scans to see whats in play for tomorrow


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