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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

5 Steps to Create a Successful Trading Watch-List

You should never pay someone just to access their watch list. To new traders, this seems like a great deal. But they all soon realize that buying someone else’s trading watch list doesn’t help make them money consistently. Once you […]


Watch List 10/01/2014

SPY is stuck on the lower range  of price pattern and between 20 and 50 MA . This 20 and 50 MA “Tween” area  usually is a chop zone so make sure to take your gains quickly as long we […]


Watch List 09/19/2014

Another positive day in the market as SPY tapping the highs, however market breadth was poor , not many upside runner out there and many momentum names were week . Shorting  recent momentum stocks was more profitable today than going […]


Watch List 09/17/2014

Bounce day in the market as SPY found support in lower range of bollingar band and we are back over 20 MA. Bulls want to see a hold of the lows today and follow trough on this momentum. As far […]


Watch List 09/11/2014

Bulls showed up on cue  as SPY bounced right on 20 MA and support area. Now a continuation is needed, a breach of that 20 MA will make the door open for a test of 50 MA. 197 area. Biotech […]


Watch List 09/09/2014

Range bound day in the market as SPY holding on to that 8 EMA . Market is in  consolidation mode while rising 20 MA catching up. Good thing about consolidation phase in the market is there will be certain sector […]


Watch List 09/08/2014

Bulls came back and defended the market yet again as short term trend 8 EMA holding in the indices. Another great week in Bulls chat room with real time trader alerts gaining $9,274 for the week.If you are struggling with […]


Market Speculator Part-Time | Swing Trade Report

Quick Summary: SPY analysis and video.  Comparison of MNST and TWTR.  New addition SCTY on remount of moving average.  Z exit. Video Analysis (3 minutes): Intra-day analysis hitting SPY, Z and a few focus list stocks. Key SPY Pivot Levels: Round […]


Watch List 09/04/2014

Gap and fade day in the market as traders lock in profits into the gap. At this point market seems a bit tired. SPY,QQQ both barely holding onto short term trend indicator 8 EMA and i see many extended stocks […]


Free Market Speculator Part-Time | Swing Trade Report

Quick Summary: Looking for SPY to break key levels.  Video analysis of 20 focus list stocks, with annotations of 6 to key in on: BIDU, MNST, Z, VEEV, VRNS and GWPH. On Friday entered GWPH and still holding SPXU. Video […]


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