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day trading small cap stocks

$GHSI Trade Recap 7/27/19

Day trading small-cap stocks is not something I would recommend to inexperienced traders. But if done correctly, it can offer amazing ROI in a short period of time. $GHSI is not a company you want to own. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make money off it. Once momentum enters a small-cap stock, fundamentals go …

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Trading Watch List 07.15.2019

SPY broke out the high base to new high. Again, given, extended market, it’s getting harder to find active trading entries. Intraday dip buy at support working better. Here is my stock trading watch list for tomorrow: We just launched a brand new website with brand new day trading and swing trading chatrooms that ta. …

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earnings trading

7 Must-Watch Videos To Master Earnings Trading

Earnings season is right around the corner! One of the best times of the year to be a momentum trader. Every day there are dozens of stocks gapping up and down in response to quarterly earnings reports. Earnings trading can exponentially grow your trading account in a short period of time if done correctly. This …

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hindsight bias

Hindsight Bias: The Reason Why Your Trading Isn’t Improving

It’s no secret that trading will be one of the hardest endeavors you will ever attempt. What makes it so difficult is not that the system is rigged against you, or anything external. Most of the issues all lie within your self.  Hindsight bias is one of the most common psychological issues that stop traders …

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