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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

How to Combat and Conquer FOMO Trading

After working with 1000’s of aspiring traders over the past decade, I’ve learned that FOMO trading (fear of missing out) is the leading cause of poor trading and investment decisions. It is such a powerful emotion that causes us to […]


Live Trading Workshop: Defeating FOMO & Building Mental Toughness

Trading stocks is primarily a mental game. You are your own worst enemy. The stock market is just a mechanism for displaying information. There are thousands of trading strategies that work. But why do so many people fail at this […]


3 Day Trading Setups I Use Every Day

The stock market can seem random and chaotic. In order to consistently profit from trading stocks, you must use strategies that have an edge. Many traders fail because they trade strategies that don’t have positive expectancy. This means that in […]


How to Trade Short Squeezes: BYND Example

What is a Short Squeeze? A short squeeze is simply an increase in a stock’s share price because of short covering. When you short-sell a stock, you borrow shares from your broker and then look to buy/cover them at a […]


How to Improve Your Trading When the Market Is Closed

You see a lot of traders on Twitter talk about how much they love the weekdays because of trading. A lot of them say that they like weekdays more than weekends. It’s true, trading is the best profession in the […]


45% Off Our Trading Bootcamp (This Weekend Only)

We’ve talked about in the past. You cannot learn to trade stocks from DVD’s alone. For a career as difficult as trading, you need mentorship and on-going support in order to find success. Trading DVD’s are good to develop baseline […]


How to Survive and Thrive During Summer Trading

Summer trading for the stock market can be a dangerous time for traders. It is a period where it is common for opportunities in the stock market tend to dry up. Liquidity significantly diminishes as most of the market participants […]


5 Methods for Overcoming Trading Anxiety

It’s no secret that trading can be a stressful profession. A game that involves your ego, money and a lot of uncertainty will inevitably lead to anxiety. But there are several simple techniques and changes that can SIGNIFICANTLY lower stress […]


How to Trade IPOs in 2019

We’ve seen a string of well-known companies do an initial public offering in the past couple months. Pintrest, Lyft, Zoom, and Jumia some of the most recent. We have gotten a ton of questions in the past week about how […]


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