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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Trading Watch List 05.23.2018

Nothing new as far market. SPY gapped up and tried to breakout but reversed sharply in the afternoon. SPY stuck on a range for now and likely not going anywhere ahead of long holiday weekend.Action in many stocks slowing down except […]


Trading Watch List 05.21.2018

Another flat day in the market. SPY 270 support and 274 resistance. A break below 270 leaves the door open for 20/50 MA zone. Again action in individual stocks and sectors remain strong. As long indices in basing pattern  focus […]


CRSP Trade Recap: Trading Momentum On Multiple Time Frames

We recently caught a great trade on CRSP in the BOWS chatroom. When trading momentum stocks like CRSP, you have to plan ahead in order to capitalize because the stocks move so fast. The trade also provided an excellent example […]


Trading Watch List 05.18.2018

Basing action in indices. SPY 270 support and 274 resistance. Regardless of muted action in market, action in individual stocks and sectors remain very strong. Just what bulls wants to see,strong price action in flat market. Watch list idea, CRSP,ATRA, […]


Trading Watch List 05.16.2018

SPY pullback but our 270 support watch was defended multiple times intra day. SPY 270 short term line in the sand as it’s now price support and 100 MA/8EMA. Hard to get bearish when you see so many stocks making […]


Trading Watch List 05.14.2018

Bulls continues to control the market as mini intra day dips are getting bought. As mentioned previously, market could just grind up to a “V” run that we have seem so often. Nothing new to report as long SPY 270 […]


Trading Watch List 05.11.2018

Fantastic job by the bulls  as they SPY cuts through resistance and closed almost at high of the day. Our game plan, SPY over 50 MA should  run to 270 area worked out well. SQ, MU, FB, NFLX, NTNX, TSG, […]


Trading Watch List 05.09.2018

Flat day on the market as SPY consolidate over trend line breakout. SPY 50 MA resistance for now. A break above clears the way for a run to 270 area. Decent action in individual stocks again. Watch list names, SQ, […]


Trading Watch List 05.07.2018

Nice rally in the market after bulls reclaimed 200 MA yet again. SPY closed tight below trend line resistance .A move over Friday’s high should push  50 MA then all important 270 area. BEAT, CEIX, MU, ESPR movers from watch […]


Trading Watch List 05.04.2018

Another battle day in the market for bulls and bears. SPY broke down below 200 MA , causing  trigger of many stops. Just when things looked bleak, algo’s went to work, squeezing bears. Range still lives on and I have […]


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