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Bulls on Wall Street was founded in 2008 with the goal of leveraging recent social media innovations to provide real time, actionable trading information to subscribers. The business grew quickly, adding a host of day and swing trading educational content. The site continued to innovate into the development of what Bulls on Wall Street is today, a leading trading community focused around the betterment and continued education that trading will forever offer.

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In 2012, CEO Kunal Desai decided to significantly expand upon the existing educational content by creating a comprehensive trading course, the Bulls 60 Day Trading Bootcamp. The course has helped many traders achieve their goals, and cemented Bulls on Wall Street’s reputation as a leader in stock trading education.

Today, Bulls on Wall Street is an active member of the day trading and swing trading educational communities, supporting and participating in the Trader and Investor Summit, Traders4ACause, and others. Using the best tools to provide top-notch trading education and actionable trade ideas remains the core mission of Bulls on Wall Street.

About Kunal Desai

Kunal Desai is an American stock trader and CEO of Bulls on Wall Street, an online trading academy. Kunal is known for becoming a known and respected trader in his space.

He is also a cryptocurrency trader and investor where he has capitalized on the new trend of digital currency. He teaches his crypto trading methods at BullsonCryptoStreet.com.

He is an International speaker at trading and entrepreneurship events around the world, been featured in numerous podcasts, and covered in the Huffington Post, Forbes, Fortune, Inc.com and many other major publications.

Kunal is a member of Okaloosa Helping Hands, where he provides food, toys, and other living essentials to young parents in need. He is also a regular speaker at Traders4ACause gala which donates to different charities including "Building Dreams For Marines".

Our Top Traders

kunal desai

Kunal Desai

CEO & Lead Instructor

Kunal is the owner and CEO of Bulls on Wall Street. Kunal began trading back in 1999 and ran both the ups and downs of the dotcom boom during his learning years. Since 2008, he has been teaching others how to trade momentum based day trading strategies. Kunal predominantly day trades, with a momentum based approach to his trading style involving a fundamental catalyst such as earnings or PR news.


Paul Singh

Swing Trader & Lead Instructor

Paul runs the popular Bulls Part Time Trader service. An experienced swing trader, he’s taught many subscribers how to make money trading while still holding a full time job.


Sayed Zaman

Director of Trading

Sayed is a veteran of the stock market, receiving acclaim for his hot stock watchlists. He trades in the Bulls room and blogs for the site, sharing his watchlist and market analysis daily.

The BOW'S Team

Josh Mudryk

Director of Marketing, Trader

Josh came to Kunal when he was 16 years old to learn how to trade. Over half a decade later, he now is a full-time trader and joined the BOW's team to direct their marketing and operations. 

Nick Patterson

Content Director, Trader

Nick joined BOW's back in 2016 developing both into a swing and day trader. He is now a full-time trader, and helps traders shorten their learning curve to eliminate roadblocks in their trading journey.

Kevin Sword

Customer Relations Manager

Kevin is your man if you need to have any questions answered whether you have been a Bulls student for life, or this is your first time on our website. 

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