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16 Day Trading Rules to Live By in 2021

Day trading rules are not optional.  Anyone who is serious about becoming a consistently profitable trader needs rules. Trading is high-pressure game. When money is on the line, decision making becomes difficult. Rules help you perform under pressure and ensures you make optimal decisions. A record number of retail traders have entered the markets this …

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7 Trading Rules to Live By

A lot of you have asked about what rules I follow as a trader – that’s a great question! Having and following rules is a great way to keep yourself out of trouble. When I was first trading I didn’t have any rules: one week I’d try something, the next week I’d try something else. I was always jumping from one system to the next, trying to make sense of it all and find something that worked. It was only when I began to trade with Kunal, and then became his first Bootcamp student, that I learned a system that worked consistently.

The rules below will give you an idea of how the Bulls trading style works, but if you really want to understand it – and take your trading to the next level – you need to sign up for the upcoming Bootcamp. It starts on the 28th of September and goes through every aspect of the Bulls system. It’s the same material I learned and use every day. Email me if your interested in learning to trade or trying out the Bulls room

Here are my rules, hope this helps!

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