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The Best Way to Learn How to Trade Stocks

What is the best way to learn how to trade stocks? Most new traders have HUGE misconceptions about the beginning of the trading journey.  Most think that they just need to buy a DVD or course, get the strategies, and then open up a brokerage account and start banking. They can be great supplemental tools, …

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7 Trading Rules to Live By

A lot of you have asked about what rules I follow as a trader – that’s a great question! Having and following rules is a great way to keep yourself out of trouble. When I was first trading I didn’t have any rules: one week I’d try something, the next week I’d try something else. I was always jumping from one system to the next, trying to make sense of it all and find something that worked. It was only when I began to trade with Kunal, and then became his first Bootcamp student, that I learned a system that worked consistently.

The rules below will give you an idea of how the Bulls trading style works, but if you really want to understand it – and take your trading to the next level – you need to sign up for the upcoming Bootcamp. It starts on the 28th of September and goes through every aspect of the Bulls system. It’s the same material I learned and use every day. Email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com if your interested in learning to trade or trying out the Bulls room

Here are my rules, hope this helps!

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