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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

How to Trade Netflix After Earnings (Swing Trading Strategy)

Earnings is the most powerful catalyst for momentum stocks. That’s why earnings season is my favorite time of the year. A few of the reasons include: Swing traders love momentum, and earnings gives us plenty of it. Earnings setups offer […]


How to Trade A Market Selloff in Under 2 Minutes

Let me share a secret with you: trading market selloffs is the most profitable time to trade. Are you shocked? Probably, because most traders panic, make bad decisions and lose their shirts during market selloffs. During our last market selloff […]


How to Swing Trade the Rubber Band Bounce Setup: UCO LIVE TRADE

Rubber Band Oversold Bounce Setup The third trade in our “live trades” series reveals how I trade the rubber band oversold bounce setup. It’s a fun setup. It’s a profitable setup. It’s also a commonly mistraded setup. There are key […]


Swing Trade Secrets: How to Swing Trade Earnings Gap Down Reversals with $NFLX

Earnings Gap Down Reversal How effectively are you swing trading the earnings gap down reversal setup? Most likely not well, if you even trade the setup at all. Neglecting this setup is an unfortunate and expensive mistake that often does […]


How to Swing Trade Earnings Breakouts in 3 Easy Steps: $EXAS

Would you like to know how to swing trade a high-probability setup for quick profits? If the answer is yes, then you are in luck. In today’s video, I show you how to swing trade the earnings breakout setup in […]


Weekly Swing Trade Report For June 6, 2016

Welcome to the free Weekly Swing Trade Report. My goal for this report is to get your week started right by identifying key market trends, the sectors you should be trading and giving you some great trading ideas. In today’s video we analyze […]


Anatomy of a Winning Swing Trade | Parabolic Short and JNUG

The parabolic short is the most explosive setup in my trading arsenal and one that every swing trader who wants outsized gains must trade. In today’s video, I review my recent parabolic short trade in gold sector ETF JNUG. This […]


Swing Trading 101: Understanding the Commodities and FANG Bounces

Successful swing traders understand that not every bounce is the same. Some are bullish continuation patterns while others are short-able “dead cat” bounces. In today’s Free Intra-day Swing Trade Report originally sent to members, Paul Singh discusses the difference between the […]


Swing Trading Tips: Reviewing 7 Current Swing Trade Positions

In today’s video I review the swing trading strategy behind my 7 current positions. Each entry is based off a unique swing trading setup and entry conditions. Stocks reviewed include NFLX, FB, PYPL, ROVI, BIB, UCO and CYBR. Come check […]


How to trade when a stock you are holding gaps down

Swing traders who manage their risk properly fear little, because they know they are masters of minimizing losses. Losses are no big deal, unless the stock you are holding gaps down against you. Dealing with the gap down is what […]


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