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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Bigger Gains Shorting Stocks As The Market Rolls Over

We recently had a market roll over which can provide many great shorting opportunities. A lot of people assume they can only go long. But when this type of dump happens, you can have bigger gains because the range expands. […]


How to Trade A Market Selloff in Under 2 Minutes

Let me share a secret with you: trading market selloffs is the most profitable time to trade. Are you shocked? Probably, because most traders panic, make bad decisions and lose their shirts during market selloffs. During our last market selloff […]


Anatomy of a Winning Swing Trade | Parabolic Short and JNUG

The parabolic short is the most explosive setup in my trading arsenal and one that every swing trader who wants outsized gains must trade. In today’s video, I review my recent parabolic short trade in gold sector ETF JNUG. This […]


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