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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

What To Do When A Momentum Stock Gets Crushed Off Bad News (Boeing)

Today I’m going to show you how I analyze a stock when a momentum stock gets crushed. I’m not talking about a standard pullback in an extended stock. No, we are talking about stocks that get crushed because of a […]


How To Swing Trade Post Election Results (Key Levels and Momo Stocks)

Now that the election is over, the market can get back to business. Business before the election was an epic pullback off highs that made for a historic October to remember (or forget!). However, we are seeing some improvement. The […]


How to Analyze Volume Patterns to Unlock Accumulation and Distribution of Stocks (30 Days To Master Swing Trading Challenge Day 11)

In Day 11 of the 30 days to master part-time swing trading challenge we use volume to analyze accumulation and distribution patterns in stocks and markets. Accumulation and Distribution Let’s keep this simple by thinking of accumulation as buying, and distribution as […]


How to Trade Overbought and Oversold Conditions with the Stochastic Indicator (30 Days To Master Part-Time Swing Trading Challenge Day 8)

In day 8 of the 30 days to master part-time swing trading challenge as I show you how use the stochastic indicator to trade overbought and oversold conditions in stocks and the overall market. The Concept: Overbought and Oversold As swing traders, […]


Managing Risk On A Macro Level (30 Days To Master Part-Time Swing Trading Challenge Day 5)

In day 5 of  the 30 days to master part-time swing trading challenge I show you how to manage risk on a macro level. In other worlds, we need to not only manage risk for specific trades, but also our overall account. […]


Swing Members Only Mentoring Session Recording (How to Break Down the Tech Sector Using ETFs)

Here is the recording for the members only mentoring session held yesterday: (log in with your username and password to view). The topic for this session was “How to Break Down the Tech Sector Using ETFs”. There were also a […]


How to Trade the Pullback Continuation Setup (China and the winning BABA trade)

Mike Tyson once said that “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Just as Tyson’s opponents concocted brilliant plans to survive his assault and take him down, only to throw the plan out the window once […]


5 Tips To Improve Your Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology: The Missing Link There is a ton of advice on trading setups out there in the blogosphere. Some of it is good, most of it is bad, but none of it impacts your trading as much as your own […]


How to Trade A Market Selloff in Under 2 Minutes

Let me share a secret with you: trading market selloffs is the most profitable time to trade. Are you shocked? Probably, because most traders panic, make bad decisions and lose their shirts during market selloffs. During our last market selloff […]


How to Swing Trade the Rubber Band Bounce Setup: UCO LIVE TRADE

Rubber Band Oversold Bounce Setup The third trade in our “live trades” series reveals how I trade the rubber band oversold bounce setup. It’s a fun setup. It’s a profitable setup. It’s also a commonly mistraded setup. There are key […]


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