Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

My Favorite Trick For Shorting Momentum Stocks

One of my favorite setups is shorting earnings breakdowns. Shorting momentum stocks at the open can yield huge gains in a very short period. It is even better when the stock is gapping down in reaction to bad earnings. In […]


How To Trade Opening Range Breakouts: $MOMO Example

Opening range breakouts are one of the best setups for trading momentum stocks. I use this setup every week to get low risk, high reward plays on stocks that have huge explosive potential. Let’s do a walkthrough on how to […]


How To Day Trade Earnings Breakdowns: $X Trade Recap

Every day there are dozens of companies reporting earnings during earnings season, which only comes along 4 times a year.  The earnings catalyst has the potential to create some of the best trending stocks. But how do you know which […]


Step By Step Guide For Trading Momentum Stocks for Beginners

Momentum stocks can grow your trading account exponentially if you know how to manage risk, find good entries, and stick to your trading plan. New and inexperienced traders have to be especially careful because they can destroy there account as […]


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