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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.

Why You Cannot Learn to Trade from DVDs

Most new traders have huge misconceptions about trading DVDs and how to learn to trade for a living. They think that they just need to buy a DVD, get the strategies, and then open up a brokerage account and start […]


Simple Day Trading Strategy For Earnings Plays – $IRBT

$IRBT was an earnings play that gapped up big on Wednesday in response to better than expected quarterly earnings results. The move in the stock Wednesday morning after the market opened  didn’t really offer a great setup to get a […]


Dear Trader This Is For You – My Story

Learning to trade stocks was the greatest decision I ever made in my whole life. Finding trading success was not an overnight process. It took me years of toil and bone headed mistakes to learn how to do this for […]


How to Day Trade Momentum Sympathy Plays

This summer has been one of the best markets we’ve seen in years. Usually summer trading is slower with fewer opportunities. This summer has not been the case. Chinese IPO’s like IQ, HUYA, and BILI have offered monster opportunities consistently […]


How To Use A Trading Journal To Find Consistency

You will never find trading success without using a trading journal. If you don’t document your trades, you will not be able to learn from your mistakes and grow. We thought it would beneficial to talk about how you should […]


CRSP Trade Recap: Trading Momentum On Multiple Time Frames

We recently caught a great trade on CRSP in the BOWS chatroom. When trading momentum stocks like CRSP, you have to plan ahead in order to capitalize because the stocks move so fast. The trade also provided an excellent example […]


How To Use Volume To Identify The Best Momentum Stocks

Volume is something you see mentioned everywhere in the trading world. But very few people explain how to interpret it, and what to actually look for. If you are wondering how to use volume in your trading to find the […]


3 Things You MUST Do Before You Trade Full-Time

One of the most common issues I see in new traders is that they want to go full-time right away. As soon as they study the stock market for a few months and open their first trading account, they think […]


Bulls Trading Challenge: Talent Search For The Next Hot Shot Trader

For the first time ever, Bulls on Wall Street is doing a trading challenge for our new bootcamp students. My trading career really took off when I met my mentor, Paul Singh. Trading is one of the hardest ventures you […]


How To Day Trade Earnings Breakdowns: $X Trade Recap

Every day there are dozens of companies reporting earnings during earnings season, which only comes along 4 times a year.  The earnings catalyst has the potential to create some of the best trending stocks. But how do you know which […]


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