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How I am Thriving During the 2015 Stock Market Crash

Whenever the market is choppy or bearish, I get a million questions about how I’m surviving. “How much have you lost?” “Have you blown up?” “Did you get killed in the market today?” The truth is, I thrive during market volatility! Today […]


How To Day Trade Exhaustion Gaps

One of my favorite day trading setups is the Exhaustion gap.  One of the things that we are taught is when a stock gaps up that is a powerful thing and we want to long that stock.  But when a […]


14 Tips to Swing Trade Volatile Markets

Hello Folks! Here is the webinar recording for last weeks webinar with Paul.  Here are 14 important tips to swing trade this type of stock market.  As with all types of trading whether your day trading or swing trading it […]


Trade Review CERE | Day Trading Biotechs

Here is a trade I did last week in CERE. Sorry for the late post I had it up on youtube but forgot to add it to the blog! This is one of my favorite day trading setups.  To be […]


Market Speculator Part-Time | Swing Trade Report

Indexes and Game Plan SPY again tested the bottom of the $208 to $214 range as stocks showed weakness across the board. If the 200 dma breaks, we could see a selloff and we will adjust accordingly with pair trades and […]



Here at Bulls on Wall Street, we offer a lot of free education: blog posts, videos, webinars, etc. But we have never offered anything like this before! Starting August 16th, we will be offering a free, beginner’s webinar. This will […]


Trade Review $Bidu | Day Trading Earnings Strategy

Having a great time this week! We are having summer camp over at my house with a group of students! We have been trading during the day then studying at night refining our strategy and technique and just having fun! […]


Trading Volatile Markets Webinar Recording

Here is the video to last weeks webinar. We have had an interesting stock market this year the day trading opportunities have been endless but its been a different animal then years past as the general market indices are flat […]


We Are Going To Vegas- Traders4ACause Event

Sign Up HERE Maribeth and I will  be attending the Traders4ACause Second Annual Charity Trading Conference and Golf Tournament in Las Vegas September 25-27th.  We would like to formally invite all Bulls on Wall Street followers to attend this event with us and […]


Trade Review “How to Trade Pr/Earnings Breakouts”

Here is a simple pattern I use everyday. As day traders we have to be in the best stocks at all time. That means for me the ones with the most profit potential in the shortest amount of time. $gbsn […]


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