exhaustion gap

Exhaustion Gap Definition: One of the Most Powerful Reversal Setups

An exhaustion gap is a critical concept to understand when trading stocks at the market open. A gap refers to a stock that opens above or below its prior closing price. An exhaustion gap is different from most gap ups or gap downs in that it quickly reverses from the direction the stocked gapped in. …

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Market Speculator Part-Time | Swing Trade Report

Quick Summary: Still watching SPY 190 (long) and 195 (short).  Video on WYNN and dealing with gap downs, along with focus list analysis.  Breakout-pullbacks of interest include BIDU, EGHT, LPNT, UA, ISRG and BIDU. New additions ZU and PNRA.  Market leader stocks of interest include GOOGL, PCLN, Z and TSLA. Video Analysis  (11 minutes): Today I …

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IO vs SONS Gap Up Trades

This is a follow up blog to yesterday’s blog on Gap Up Trade Strategies.   Here are two contrasting examples of stocks that started the day off the same way – gap up from yesterday’s close.  The difference is the which way they went after the gap up and how to trade them.

Gap Up Trade Ideas

Today was one of those days.. We were all excited about the gap up, just to watch the market fade, then chop, then move again, etc.  It’s very hard to understand when and where to make a trade… do I chase the open gap up?  Do I wait?  Damn, my swing buy orders triggered, but …

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