$sify "how to play earnings breakouts"

Well it’s earnings season and time for us to start hitting some big winners again! Earnings breakouts are one of our favorite types of trades at bulls. One nice thing is you don’t even have to scan at night to find setups as you can pretty much wake up, run a scan for earnings gappers, and play them all day. Earnings breakouts are the most powerful setups around for traders. . Heck you could make a living just trading this one setup if you learn how to do it right.  Here are a few old posts on trading earnings breakouts that everyone needs to review asap to get ready for this month.






Today we traded $sify for 8% gain and $420 bucks. This morning we woke up and saw sify gapping up on an earnings report. They key was knowing the history of sify and checking out the daily chart. It had been beaten down alot recently with no volume and no interests. All it takes is one decent earnings report to cause this thing to fly.. and thats what we got. Traders saw the bottom pattern on the daily chart and saw how much room sify had to run and bam here comes the momo. We got in the stock at 2.57 early this morning and sold off our last shares at 2.88. Here is a look at the daily and intraday charts of SIFY.






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