$ECYT and $FXCM Trade Review – Trading Earnings Breakouts

Earnings breakouts are the most powerful setups around for traders. We kill these trades over and over again. Heck, you could make a living just trading this one setup if you learn how to do it right.  Our two biggest winners today that were alerted in chat room were earnings breakouts plays ($FXCM and $ECYT). If you have questions on anything email me at mb.willoughby@gmail.com.

$FXCM was a  killer earnings breakout trade. It ran up almost a buck from our entry point in the first 10 minutes of trading. We added at $11.72 and nailed the sell at $12.47.

$ECYT was another huge winner for us today. We nailed the entry on the stock first thing in the morning at $4.42 and sold off at $4.73 and $5.42. That’s over a 20% gain in a few hours! Traded the stock again on an intraday break later in the day from $5.44 to $6.01 – that’s another 10% daytrade.

If you keep missing these trades, please come check us out. We have one of the best educational sections around for traders. How to play earnings breakouts are explained in detail to subs over and over again, here, here, here, and here.  Besides just earnings breakouts, we provide subs with hundreds of blogs detailing other killer setups so that every day they can find huge winners.  You won’t find this type of education anywhere else!

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3 thoughts on “$ECYT and $FXCM Trade Review – Trading Earnings Breakouts”

  1. Hey guys and girls – for anyone who is on a free trial, I just wanted to take a moment to say that I did the same thing a few weeks ago. I don’t remember how I heard about Kunal but I have followed him on Twitter for 6 or 8 months and decided to go for the free trial just to check it out. After I decided – based on the free trial – to sign up for Bulls Pro I can honestly say that this service is one of a kind and I am never looking back. These testimonials above are not fluff. The sense of community in the room really is there. People mess around and poke fun at each other and you really start to get to know your fellow traders. Kunal, Maribeth Szeman, Chai and everyone else in the room really do have a killer passion for trading these stocks and for teaching others how to do it. As a savvy long-term investor myself and a ruthless skeptic when it comes to get rich quick schemes, I can tell you that this is a legitimate and bad-ass service. Don’t get me wrong: if you want to go professional with it (which is my goal), you’re gonna have to work your ass off day and night and practice constantly until you understand it all. I catch myself staying up until 3am 4-5 nights a week and turning down going out to bars so I can read the blog and watch the videos, but it is all there for you. If you want to be a pro trader, trust me, from the most critical and skeptical person on the planet: sign up for this service. I just wanted to post this in a comment, from an active member, for anyone out there (like me) who reads these testimonials and immediately says “Yea ok they’re just making this up to get more members.” Trust me, they don’t need to make stuff up and they would be fine if they were paying YOU to use their service. I watched 3 people in the chat room this morning make $2,000 in 2 hours on ECYT and I have seen at least five other occasions in the last 2-3 weeks where people did the same thing. This is in my honest opinion the most badass trading service on the internet.

    • Oh and for the record, I was not involved in the ECYT trade. I actually was kicking myself because RamiMichael, the guy who I first saw call in, entered it at $4.30 and I had my finger on the buy button but decided to wait just to confirm it was breaking out and the next thing I knew it was at 5 bucks. lol – just throwing that in there to let you know that even though I missed out on both of these sick trades, my comments above still stand!!!!! 🙂

  2. thanks maribeth! ive been her now for 1 month and my port is up 20%. Love all the strategies you guys use. I have been a few other chatrooms and all they do is draw a horizontal line on a chart and call them breakouts. You guys have so many different setups that everyday it seems we can catch a big winner


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