$DDD and $ANGI Trade Review – Earnings Breakouts

Earnings breakouts are the most powerful setups. The Bulls team kills these trades over and over again. Our two biggest winners today that were alerted in the chat room were earnings breakouts plays ($ANGI and $DDD). All you have to do is find the earnings movers and wait for the setups, such as intraday flags, consolidation breaks, etc. We have tons of blogs in the education section of Bulls detailing exactly what these setups look like. Stop missing out on them and come check us out ! If you got questions on anything email me mb.willoughby@gmail.com.

$ANGI was a  killer earnings breakout trade. stock ran up over 90 cents from our entry point in the first few hours of trading. We added at $11.06 and sold off our shares at $11.4.

$DDD was our other earnings trade today. We added it at $41.45 on the intraday flag and sold off shares at an average of $42.24.

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