$CNW Trade Review – Trading Earnings Breakouts

Here is a trade review on $CNW.  This is my favorite type of play during earnings season as every day you will see 20-30 stocks do this after earnings.  All you have to do is have a list of the stocks that had a favorable reaction with a % gapper and then you wait for an intraday setup.  All stocks when they go on multi-month moves for the most part are because of an earnings beat. Recognizing this setup gives you opportunities every day. Today Maribeth played $MGAM from $13.62 buy and it ran to $14.51 in a matter of minutes.  The reason for such a pop was earnings! Learn this setup as well as you can.

In the Bulls Bootcamp course  we spend two entire classes talking about earnings breakouts!  There is so much to them and they can be so powerful that you can make a living off just mastering this setup.

We bought $CNW at $36.12 and sold off our last shares at $37.32

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  1. you make it look so easy… does make sense. do you ever do this same process on bad earnings as well? short instead?


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