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$THLD "Shorting momentum stocks"

Threshold pharmaceuticals has certainly tested the threshold of my pain levels recently. 🙂 However in the midst of losing money on this short today, I actually learned alot about shorting momentum stocks from my mistakes. So for all you daytraders out there, here is a tip for shorting intraday runners.  The number one rule about trading any stock is to wait and make sure you …

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Characteristics of a Boom Boom Stock

What makes a stock go BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! vs just a pick that we trade.  Looking back there are definately some characteristics that are common and can be applied for when we have opportunities at that homerun trade.

Price:  Not just todays price but the context of it compared with the previous days, weeks, months.   Often when looking at a stock coming out of range where you see a character change in the way price shows/action it can signal a trend change or a shift in expectations. If you can clear a key level of supply in a stock and it starts to show a change in character in the stock (larger candles, increased velocity etc) This can start potentially a multimonth run.

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I took a job as a car salesman for around a month sometime ago, I hated the job, but learnt something of a lot of value, Patience. As a trader, I noticed I lacked patience, I would jump in and out of trades, make stupid mistakes because I would jump the gun basically. So let …

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