Anatomy of a Winning Trade: Adapting with AGIO

Successful swing traders learn to adapt to changing market conditions, and that is exactly what we did with the AGIO trade.  This stock was a breakout-pullback setup, and had formed a classic hammer formation at support (if you are not familiar with this setup, you will learn all about it in the Swing Trade Report).

We entered off the hammer and had a 10 point target, but decided to take profits early.  The early profit taking was triggered based on our assessment of the market.  We ADAPTED to changing market conditions.  Or concern was realized today as the setup was invalidated.  What would have been a 4 point gain would have turned into a 4 point loss, or 8 oint turn around.

What this video as we go into more detail about this setup and why we adapted our strategy.

Now that you have viewed the video, leave a comment with any failed breakouts you have found or question you might have.

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