Watch List For 07/03/2012

Decent day for last nights watch list alerts. MGAM broke out with almost $1 gains. CTRN, AVID also had some nice gains.

BCOV Like the way this one shaping up. Cup &handle
pattern. Bouncing 20 EMA. Watching over 16.05. Breaks out at 16.47.


CVO Like it over 2.40 for a rental.


EXAM Low volume pullback to 20 SMA so far and flagging . Watching
over 13.40 area.


IDIX Bio. name. Strong sector. 11 should hit some alerts.


LXRX Bio.  name. High
flag, watch 2.36 for a rental.


NSPH Momentum
play, back over 2.54 for a quick trade.


ONTY Over 5 for  trade.


PSSI Over 21.70 for a quick trade.
Few other notable charts, NKTR,EXK,KGC,CYTR,NEON,YNDX,CALL.



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