Watch List For 07/02/2012


AMRS Like the volume footprint on this stock. Watch over


ARCO Like the way  its
basing at 50 MA. Over 15 for a trade.


AVID Decent base below this 7.50 area.


CTRN Bouncing 20 ema and break out area so far. Watching for
a  continuation.


FSS 6 could be a big break out for this stock.


INWK Over 13.67 for a continuation.


MGAM Like the way its bouncing both 20/50 SMA so far.
Watching over 14.02 for breakout.


STX Bear flag break out over 25, target to 50 SMA.


VAC Over 31/31.22 for a trade.


WIFI Over 11.68 for a continuation trade.


WIN Over 9.75 for a trade.

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