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 Nice day for the markets. We had multiple opportunities for the market to crack intraday support at spx 1356 we tapped it 3x in the morning but no break. the bulls came in and popped the market.  Friday we had a big rally and it was important today to have a bit of follow through and not give that back. The rusell2k led the markets with over 1% in gains followed by the nasdaq.  Thats the type of action we want to see when the markets running the russ and techs need to lead the way that tells us that there is some risk being added.  The price action was telling today even as the market were weak there were breakouts running all over the place with big rips in stocks like OCZ, STZ, ATPG HZNP.

We had a great day in the chatroom starting off the morning shorting AMPE in the 5.9s and covering our last share at 5.5 then ripping ATPG with a buy at 3.75 selling off our shares at 4.1.  then MGAM, STZ, SWHC it was nonstop.  Good market so far for daytrading there was good follow through in names and spec money was flowing.


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