LCAV- former runner.. breaks 6.1 should pop hard

VQ- break of 11.23 should pop this the setup, nice tight coil ready for a pop


TSYS- 3 dollar break should set it off

SPF- stock is flagging after big earnings run up.. love this setup

RDN- stock is flagging, watch for a break of 2.8 to set it off

MGIC- break of 7 should pop it

KEYW-long flat base in this name.. starting to get some volume and a good look.. watching for the break of 8

CEDC- on watch for a break of 6

MPEL- breakout at 12.25 should do it

JRCC- short watch if this 6.14 area breaks down

ACFN- parabolic short watch for gap up then green to red

IPSU- out of upper bb and oversold.. might be a good quick short in the morning if you see weakness.


you guys got questions on anything on the watchlist send me an email or post the questions here!



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