Evening folks! Nice day in the markets. We had another gapper in the morning with a nice early morning fade filling the gap then a reversal that took us right back to highs of the day and we even briefly broke them. Overall a solid day for the markets reversing the opening gap reversal and finding some good strenght.  The technical picture on the s&p hasnt changed we are under those may 2011 highs but over the key breakout level.  Any type of consolidation in this zone seems bullish to me.

Another killer day in the chatroom we nailed this trade in the morning getting in at 4.15 right before the explosion…..  then the bengali tiger put the alert out on $velt on that 10 dollar cross which ran right to 11.00 with barely any shake. We followed up that with some nice trades in $dang $mill and took a 10% plus gain in $mvis.  Overall pretty solid day…still holding $vog which is a dog down 14 cents, $cedc, and $renn.  Amazing market we are in

A lot of you guys have sent me emails on our BULLS PRO  membership. Hit that link for information.  It also gets you free access to our site so if your on a budget and need a broker that is the best way to go and be apart of our community.    

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