Boom Boom Stocks 2/13/2012

Evening folks! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend but now its time to get back to work.  Last week we had the first down week of 2012 in terms of the indices as some risk was put back on the table with the greece deal.  We saw a massive spike in the Vix where it finally broke and closed over the 20dma for the first time in months briefly it even tapped the 50dma.  All in all though this is pretty healthy this market was starting to get very complacent.  It definately feels like last years pomo fueled run where intraday dips got defended and the market everytime we start looking like we are going to break lows we get a run that takes us higher into the close.  

All in all we had one of our best weeks ever in the chatroom with 2-3 10% plus daytrades every day of the week. IPSU, MOBI, FFN, HSOL, QPSA, STP, MOTR, DQ, CLSN, OXGN, ZOLT, GNOM were all 10% plus winners last week with some of the stocks like IPSU, FFN, DQ breaking 20% plus. Ive got a whole batch of trade reviews about to go up in our education section on the site for our premium members. Any setup that makes money ive deconstructed it for you guys. Keep studying! These videos are the secret sauce.  We have a great group here and we trade live and teach all day.  If you like trading momentum this is the best room to be in.

A lot of you guys have sent me emails on our BULLS PRO membership. Hit that link for information.  It also gets you free access to our site so if your on a budget and need a broker that is the best way to go and be apart of our community.

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