3 Trading Webinars to Watch Before Making Your First Trade

trading webinars

Everyone wants to start making trades and making money right after opening a broker account. But that’s not how trading works. If trading was that easy, why would anyone work a regular job?

You have to learn before you earn. If you’re a new trader, these 3 webinars will get you on the right path to success, and show you important skill-sets you need to develop before making your first trade!

These 3 trading webinars are a great place to get started:

The Path from Going from Newbie to Full-Time Trader

Every expert was once a beginner. No one comes into trading knowing what they’re doing. After teaching thousands of traders in the past 13 years, Kunal Desai outlines the path to go from newbie to full-time trader in this webinar:

02:42 -Intro to Full-Time Stock Trading

 09:26 – About Kunal Desai’s Two-Decade Long Trading Career 

14:05 – How to Start Out as a New Trader 

34:35 – Realistic Expectations for New Traders: Myths vs Reality 

1:00:28 1 Easy Trading Strategy for New Traders 

1:16:31 Why 95% of Traders Lose Money in Long Run (And How to Be the 5% That Are Consistent) 

1:25:22 The Steps to Launch a Trading Career

Intro to Risk Management

Lack of risk management is the number one reason most traders fail. Losing is inevitable in trading. The difference between winning traders and losing traders is the size of their losses. This trading webinar will show you our favorite strategies for managing risk in your trades:

8:38 – Why You Cannot Become Consistently Profitable Without Risk Management 

24:20 – Risk Management Example: Day Trading $TSLA 

42:01 – Formula for Position Sizing 

1:01:05 – How to Manage Winning Trades to Maximize Profits 

1:05:35 – The Path to Becoming a Profitable Trader

How to Find the Most Explosive Stocks to Trade

You’re only as good as the stocks you trade. One of the most important tenents of a successful trader is their scanning protocol: How do they find the best stocks to trade. The webinar dives in deep on this topic:

5:30 – Overview of Kunal’s 15 Year Trading Career 

8:35 Why Stock Scanning is Needed for Profitable Trading 

12:28 What Makes Stocks Explosive? 

18:05 Stock Scanning 101

24:57 Free vs Paid Stock Scanners 

35:50 How to Build Your Watch List 

49:02 3 Stock Scans to Run Every Day 

56:13 – What Causes Trading Inconsistency, and How to Take Your Trading Career to the Next Level

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