How to Build Winning Trading Habits in Sixty Days

How much would your trading improve after 60 days of intensive training with experienced traders?

Studies show that it takes 2 months on average to form a new habit. This is why our Live Trading Boot Camp is 60 days long: To create meaningful, lasting improvement in your trading skills.

No one can achieve mastery of skill from passive learning: YouTube videos, books, sitting in a chatroom aren’t enough. Here’s how you need to approach your trading education:

This course is challenging and engaging. But it has consistently been the turning point in our student’s careers over the past 13 years of teaching these boot camps:

Kunal Desai and Paul Singh, the instructors in our 60-Day Live Trading Boot Camp, have over 4 decades of combined trading experience at your disposal. Here the format, and everything you will learn:

To get even more detail about our boot camp, click here to check out our comprehensive boot camp syllabus.

Think you have what it takes to complete our boot camp? Only 4 seats are left in tomorrow’s class!

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