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Class starts today!!! 8pm. We still got room I will have to mail the coursebook on Monday but you wont need it for the first class.

WELL!! we are here folks.  Bootcamp is about to start.  We have a good group and I have a lot planned for you guys.  The classes will run 4 days a week till July 5th.  Then the month after that we will meed after the market for 30 minutes (or more) via webinar 3 times a week and do follow up on the strategies we have learned and go over questions, review the market, potential setups etc.  All the coursebooks will arrive on Tuesday to your doorsteps.    Its a big BOOK 160 pages plus now so I will send via ground as overnight is pricey (and im indian!) I think this is going to workout pretty well you can sit there and read blogs and try to piece together information for 4-5 years and it still may not click for many people as your trying to take a very complex subject and try to take pieces and turn it into a full strategy.  Hopefully 16 classes from now you guys are all new and improved traders!  We WILL archive all the videos on a seperate site so that you can watch them as many times as you would like.

The reviews of the last camp have been great.  Feel free to to email or talk to any of the guys that took the last class they are all first rate fellows.  Message me if you want to talk with one of the guys or just hit them up in the chatroom!  Here is what MEGALOCKS from our chat had to say about the bootcamp:

here are a bunch of testimonials from what people are saying

Boot Camp Review – What a ride !

Hey everyone.

I just wanted to let people know that I recently completed the BullsOnWallStreet Boot Camp and thought it was really fantastic.

The course covers absolutely everything – from the basics – all the way to their most advanced trading strategies. I am an experienced investor with a financial background but really got a ton out of these sessions. I knew that there was a lot I had to improve upon in order to trade on a more regular basis and Kunal really helped pinpoint where I need to develop. The group was a nice blend of people just getting introduced to trading – as well as some more seasoned investors. The course textbook will be a great reference tool going forward.

What did I enjoy the most? In no particular order……….
– Kunal’s style is great. He is an excellent teacher who is not opposed to going over concepts and examples a number of times to help things stick. Kunal has a great sense of humor which makes the topics that more interesting.
– Tons of real life (and recent) examples
– The course starts with the basics and you build upon those until you finish with the BullsOnWallStreet setups
– Kunal is very generous with his time and is willing to help with any questions you have related to trading.

I strongly recommend the course for anyone who is serious about learning to be a trader that makes money consistently. I can see improvement in my results already but have a long way to go. Repetition and continuous hard work is a must.

Great job and thanks to KUNAL and the entire Bulls TEAM.


Megalocks aka Chris


First class will be SUNDAY at 8PM EASTERN!


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If you have any questions email he will walk you through anything you need.  Or you can call 773-687-9627



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