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Are you a new trader with more losses than wins, and more questions than answers? An experienced trader looking for an edge or a way to be competitive and profitable in any market environment? You can continue to struggle along, cobbling together a mishmash of things you’ve picked up in random tweets, abstract concepts read in trading books, and half-heard CNBC infomercials, or you can learn a comprehensive trading methodology.

The majority of new traders jump around from method to method, losing money without gaining experience or learning from their mistakes. Others have a single strategy that works in a bullish market,  then the market turns and they suddenly find their gains shrinking and losses growing. I’ve been there and done that, so you don’t have to.

The Bulls 16 Day Bootcamp encompasses everything I know about trading. If you’ve ever wondered how I hit stocks like SGOC, JVA, ECYT, and BIOF for huge gains of 50% – 100% or more, while never taking big losses, this will explain it. Covering a total of 19 subjects, this course will take you take you from A through Z: reading indices, setting up charts, setting stops and scaling out, scanning for potential home run trades, recognizing profitable day and swing trade setups, and much, much more. You’ll learn how to look at a stock and build a case for why it could be a profitable trade – or not – using the same criteria I use every day.

We meet 4 nights a week (1.5 hour classes)  for a month and then spend another month meeting for half an hour 3 times a week, applying what we’ve learned and reviewing the day’s trades. Additionally, you will receive a 160 page coursebook that covers all of the material in detail, including the Bulls Method setups that I’ve developed over ten years of trading.

Still not convinced? Here’s what some of our students have to say about the Bulls 16 Day Bootcamp:

“Last month I signed up for the first bootcamp training Kunal offered which was a 16 day course with another 4 weeks of follow up after the classes to review. This was the best move in my trading career. Kunal is a great teacher, he truly cares about your knowledge and wants you to be a great trader. Best of all his personally fits perfect into the mentoring role and really puts in the time one on one to make sure you understand his methods. it is still up to you to execute. My two major problems were risk to reward ratios / position sizing and timing the trade. We went thru how to setup charts and reading them, which indicators to use and why, reading indexes, risk to reward ratios and position sizing, scaling in and out of trades, PR breakouts, shorting, and the list goes on. Its my humble opnion that if you are just starting or have been trading for years and still not making the money you need to then it’s a MUST for you to sign up for Bulls bootcamp training.

I plan on putting both my kids thru this training in the future. “

“I just took Kunals 16 day Bootcamp which was actually extended to 17 days at no extra charge. Classes often ran well over their scheduled alloted times and that was because Kunal wanted to make sure all questions were answered and all material was covered in depth enough so that everyone fully understood what they were learning. The things I have learned have improved my bottom line results significantly. Just a few things that I learned>> multiple time frame alignment, when to enter, when to exit, risk reward ratio, position sizing, set ups, reading charts, pr plays the list goes on. Some of these things I thought I already knew but its the subtle nuances of Kunals system that made all the difference for me.

I have looked into several other courses and I can tell you that for the price, the personal attention, the education and the experince I recieved there is nothing that compares! Hands down the best money I have ever spent on my trading education.”


You’ll learn:


  • How to setup your charts
  • Which indicators and tools can give you an edge
  • How to read indexes
  • How to interpret price action in the market
  • How to read the tape in stocks for hidden clues on when the big moves are coming
  • Where to scale out of profitable positions
  • My personal Bulls Proprietary Scans so that you can scan/find earnings breakouts, red to green moves, flat top breakouts etc
  • How to scan for pr releases/news releases and then interpret if it is actionable news
  • How to identify and trade several different types of highly profitable setups
  • My personal goto setups: Bottom bounces, r/g moves, Rubberband Plays etc I will give you step by step how to find these and then play them.
  • Im going to personally show you how to setup your daily & weekly routine along with your computer so that everything you do is mechanical
  • And most importantly Im going to show you the GOTO BULLS setups that I use every single day

You’re getting 2 months of coaching, a 160 page coursebook, a special site where all these classes are archived, and the ability to retake the classes again for the next 3 bootcamps!

all for $2999

It wasnt just the classes that really helped these traders.  We made sure that all the bootcamp members were introduced to each other with not just their life stories but where they were at in their trading lives.  We made a discussion forum for them where they can interact  not just with the coach but also each other. So many amazing ideas were shared and some lifelong partnerships and friendships were formed.

Classes will start at 8pm eastern time  JUNE 10TH 2012.


If you’re interested in this email he will walk you through anything you need.  Or you can call 773-687-9627



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