Off to Florida!

Im off to destin, fl this morning! gonna be leaving around 6am.  its an 18 hour drive from detroit city so i will not be officially trading on friday. As always Im sure ill make some bonehead phone trade from my iphone and loe a thousand bucks as thats my vacation curse.   If you guys have any questions or issues email tim THE SALES GUY.  its he will take care of anything you guys need.

Ill be all situated and ready to go for monday trading.  I will be staying there for 2 months looking for some summer love!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best part of being a trader you can do it from anywhere. YOu just need a laptop and an iphone and your good to go! I have even coerced one of my childhood friends THE BUTTDOGG to quit his job and come with me!  This is shaping up to be an epic adventure not seen since Britney Spears in “Crossroads”.  If any of you guys get bored and want to come visit you are more then welcome to stay with me for along as you’d like. As always I will supply the booze, food, and womens.  All i ask is that you laugh excessively at my jokes and try not to gawk at my rapidly receding hairline.

I will be stopping in nashville tomorrow night if anybody lives in the area! give me a buzz or email if your around.


 Big willy is in charge for the day.   The market is a bit crazy so make sure to stick close together in the chat like we have been all week. Dont get sucked up in all the hoopla.  Stay close to big willy, szaman, sandman7591, fuinhaz  if the market gets nasty they have seen this song and dance from this market over and over they will know what to do.




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