Trade Review 7/26/2010

Here is a recap of my morning trades. I didn’t participate this afternoon, so gains were limited to a few positions.
    1. CNAM – sold for 5.5% gain on overnight hold. I left a little on the table, but wanted to secure gains before lunch since significant volume wasn’t moving in.
    2. MPG  – I liked this chart early for possible swing out of consolidating triangle and support on SMA50.  I took an entry at 2.97 and sold just before lunch at 3.11 average (4% gain).
    3. ACAS – bought some this morning, but volume never came in so exited for small gain.
    4. AEZS – sold for. 
    5. CIGX – this was my best trade of the day.  Check out the chart.

That’s it from my trading desk.  See you all tomorrow in the boom factory. 




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