Tomorrow’s watch list could be 100 stocks deep..I haven’t seen this many good looking swing opportunities in quite some time. HOWEVER, the market is still nervous – and probably will be for a while. We’re kind of at a pivot level where we could see a breakout or a reversal on moderate resistance. So, I’ll tread lightly and continue to spend most of my attention on scalps. 


If the market adds confidence and strength, here are a few new stocks I’ll be watching for possible swings and scalps. Don’t forget to check out last Friday’s list – most are still valid.


All of these need confirmation and a market support (SPX staying above trendline support, etc).


ZLC – long over 1.81 for scalp to 2. It isn’t quite ready yet, but worth a watch – needs volume.


PMI – Earnings on the 29th, so I’m watching this one for possible run-up. I won’t hold into earnings, however. We broke through SMA50 and trendline resistance Friday. Give me volume to support RSI14 and we could have a few trading opportunities here.



ATPG – basing activity. Watch for RSI14 through 50 and a move from MACD. I’m not sold on it yet, but has made it to the radar.


ENER – Breaking through horizontal resistance and SMA50. May be worth a ride with SMA50 as a stop. Some resistance at 5.50. 


DVAX is in a real need for an ascending triangle breakout. A move above will get me scalping.. same move with volume and it is a possible swing with horizontal support stop.



DYAX – Moving through horizontal resistance, but needs volume. If we get north of 2.40, I would like to swing to 2.80



NVAX – I scalpted this one a little Friday for a few bucks, but it’s still on my radar for another scalp trade up to SMA50. Volume is there. Keep this one close and set tight stops if you’re interested. Gotta hold SMA20.


TRMB is now testing top trendline resistance. Other indicators are setting up along with a coiling MACD. Time to move! I might swing above trendline. Careful – earnings on Tuesday.



MHR – Another triangle moving out of top-side above SMA50. Watch for volume. $5 first resistance.




NLST – I still think this one has a chance to continue up. Bolllinger bands are very tight ,but I’ll wait on SMA100 before I consider long.


LNG – I like this chart. We haven’t seen much out of LNG in some time and a falling wedge isn’t always a good thing. However, I like what RSI14 and MACD are doing. Looking for a move above top trendline. If I go long I’ll add to position as it moves through SMA50 and 200 and look for exit around 3.25 (ideal scenario)



That’s all for now – see you in the boom factory.










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