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Bulls on Wall Street: Stop Guessing. Start Trading.
Morning folks. futures are up a bit. SPY gapping up about  .5% or so.  Euro markets showing some decent strength. commodities strong as OIL ($uso) NAtgas ($ung) both higher.  Corn futures are up 1.3% which should bode well for commodities.  Keep an eye on $mon $mos $pot $agu today if corn holds up these might go today.
Market is at a crossroads.  Price action is positive.  We are getting real overbought a day or 2 of sideways consolidation would be nice.  I wouldnt be surprised to see 1-2 last pumps in the market though before we pullback. We will be ready either way.
We have had huge huge huge wins the last 2 weeks. do not get complacent and just hold on to ur stocks. Keep taking profits rotating money. The party could be over anyday. YOu never know. biggest sin in trading is letting gains turn to losses.  So ride up those stocks and let gets some moneys!

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