Swing Watch List Update 2/7/11

It was a great day off the Swing List.  Check it out
Swings that closed today:
> ATML – Nice swing for 8. 35% gain on stop at 14.80.
> OMEX – Stopped out for break even.  Friday’s volume move didn’t have continuation today.  Still watching, however.
Swings still in play:
> EMKR – BOOM. EMKR made it to 1.97 before pulling back.  Stop raised for swingers to 1.79
> VSCP – Another big winner on massive relative volume today.  Nice break through recent highs just over 2.50.   Stop moved up to 2.64
> PLG – Still in play, but would love to see some volume on MACD positive cross.
> VG – Another good day. Stop moved up.
> ACAD was a new swing executed today.  Still looks ok, but adding a tight stop.
> ZLCS was added today on nice break out of triangle.
Make sure to check out the watch list in the morning for new setups. 



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